Biohazard Remediation

The very specialised services offered by Forensic Clean require extensive training and resources to provide. This specialty is often called:

  • Crime Scene Clean-up
  • Trauma Clean-up
  • Crime and Trauma Scene Clean-up
  • CTS Clean-up and Remediation
  • Biohazard Remediation

Wiki defines this as: a term applied to cleanup of blood, bodily fluids, and other potentially infectious materials (OPIM). It is also referred to as biohazard remediation, because crime scenes are only a portion of the situations in which biohazard cleaning is needed. Such incidents may include accidents, suicides, homicides, and decomposition after unattended death. It could also include mass trauma, industrial accidents, infectious disease contamination, animal biohazards (e.g. feces or blood) or regulated waste transport, treatment, and disposal.

It can be difficult to find qualified and appropriate professional services to attend to your needs. If you are responsible for managing and fixing a crime or trauma scene, a traditional cleaning service may in fact cause more damage or harm. Not because they don’t mean to provide an excellent service, but simply because there are a lot of technical and scientific processes that need to be applied to do a good job. To make matters even more complex, there are very specific airborne and blood borne pathogens that can be released into the environment, or can infect unsuspecting well-intentioned helpers. We want you to be informed, and safe, and to keep other people safe.

You can call on Forensic Clean 24/7 if you have need of our services. Just call 1300 768220.

Forensic Clean is fully trained, professional, fully insured and with extensive resources at our disposal.

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