In the aftermath of a crime, or accident, when the police and emergency services have gone, you can call on Forensic Clean.

For many years, family and friends have been left to clean-up as best they know how – largely unaware of the risks that they pose to themselves and to the public. You need a professional and reputable team that specialises in Crime Scene clean-ups and remediation.

There are specialist products and techniques that safely and efficiently deal with the unique remnants after a crime or accident. Only trained and knowledgeable Crime Scene technicians should undertake this work. General cleaning services may consider that they have the skills and knowledge to help you – and they do in other areas of assistance.

Make sure that all reminders are safely removed by trained experienced professionals, so that you and your family do not have to do this yourself. Ensure that the property is ready to be reused after a crime, and feel assured that there are no future repercussions.

We come to the site and use stringent protocols to ensure that appropriate Occupation Health and Safety precautions are taken. We remove any materials that cannot be salvaged, and dispose of these properly, following EPA guidelines and requirements.

Have vehicles delivered to our specially purposed premises, so that any biological reminders are removed, and it is decontaminated for either safe disposal, or re-use.

Specify that you would like insurance documentation, and you will receive professional industry standard documents that allow you to settle your insurance claim and quickly as possible.


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