Fingerprint Dust – It won’t come off

You were probably feeling very grateful that the police and emergency services had responded to your needs. Some crime has been committed, and it is somewhat gratifying to know that fingerprints have been dusted, notes have been taken, and evidence has been gathered. Being the victim of crime is always traumatic, and you know that at least there is hope that justice will be done.

In the aftermath, once everyone has left, things aren’t quite back to normal. Besides the emotional and psychological process that you need to go through, there is unsightly fingerprint dust all over your house. It doesn’t matter what you use to scrub it, it just won’t seem to clean off.

Unfortunately, removing fingerprint dust is, in itself, a specialist activity. It is difficult to remove, even when you do have the right techniques and chemicals to do so. This is why the police don’t give a quick wipe down before they leave the scene – they know that it very difficult to remove.

Unless you want it to wear off over time, with the constant reminder of the criminal activities, call Forensic Clean. We respond 24/7, and can give you results that will give you instant relief.

Fingerprint dust – if only they could lift prints using talcum powder. So much easier to clean.

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