Industrial accident – cost lives and productivity

Industry has come to recognise that improving occupational health and safety practices, by investing in resources and following increasingly strict protocols and guidelines, results in improved productivity and reduced costs. Worksafe Victoria provides regulations, guidance and policy to ensure the best possible outcomes for employers and employees.

Accidents do still happen, and in this instance you want any biohazardous material removed quickly and safely. This minimises both the health and safety risks of other staff, but also reduces the emotional impact of the reminders of the accident. All material and equipment that has been contaminated with blood and/or body fluids will be either decontaminated and disinfected, or disposed of according to EPA guidelines. For further information about our compliance with regulations and policy, please contact us.

If you want blood and body fluids to be removed from your worksite, or equipment to be decontaminated, call Forensic Clean 24/7.

Forensic Clean ensures that all technicians and field staff are fully trained and qualified to discreetly and efficiently return your workplace to its previous state.

An industrial accident can cost you more than the immediate productivity loss, not to mention the loss of life or health of your staff. If not dealt with quickly and with respectful care, your staff will believe that the company minimises their workplace risks. Ensure that your staff know how much you value them and their safety.

The work that we do on industrial sites may be covered by insurance. Request insurance documentation for a quicker, professional outcome to your insurance claim.

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