Odour Remediation – removes smell fast

Cause – Odour Remediation

Bad odour can be caused by many things. The most common that would affect you would be the decomposition of living material, either vegetable, animal, or human. Even without large scale decomposition, when volumes of blood dries, it can leave a distinct metallic smell for quite some time.

Whatever the cause of your problem with a bad smell, we have an Odour Remediation programme that is internationally industry standard, and that works quickly to solve the problem.

Process – Odour Remediation

The first thing that must be done in any odour remediation process is to decontaminate the scene. This means that all source material is removed, and any remaining structures are checked, decontaminated and sealed. This may involves removing or processing carpet, bedding, flooring, cabinetry, clothing, skirting boards, baseboards – or whatever have been contaminated. If it is not appropriate to remove, in this instance we decontaminate and seal, so that further wicking or leaching does not occur.

In minor cases it may be sufficient for us to apply heavy coats of odour neutralisers to all surfaces, including walls, ceiling, and furniture (excluding electronics). This is not an adequate fix for stronger odours, but may in fact be a short term solution, enabling friends or family to return to the scene to retrieve paperwork or valuables. The heavier duty processes can then be carried out.

We prefer not to use “fogging” techniques, as this tends to mask smells, rather than neutralising or removing them.

We use ozone generation techniques that give us the best possible outcomes – in fact completely removing very strong and unpleasant odours. This odour remediation technique can be used in all cases, but we will always employ an aggressive programme using ozone, when there is decomposition or an unattended death.

The strongest odours can take many days for the odour remediation programme to be completely successful. When we are undertaking these activities the property cannot be accessed by anyone, as ozone is poisonous in the quantities that we produce.

Some relief – Odour Remediation

Your Odour Remediation programme may very well be covered by your insurance. Check with your insurance company, and make sure that you ask for insurance documentation when you contract our services.

Odour remediation


Odour Remediation

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