Good Property Management involves quick action

Occasionally properties within your portfolio might be scenes to criminal activity, or, perhaps a tenant dies and is not found for a period of time. Either way, property management protocols mean that usually you are the one that is required to liaise with owners, insurance companies, and appropriately qualified biohazard remediation companies in order to return the property to a lettable state.

Property Management Scenario 1:

A rental property in your portfolio has been steady for many years. The tenant pays on time, and you’ve never had any problems with your inspections. You receive a phone call from the property management company for the neighbouring apartment. They are complaining about an awful smell, and there is no response when they knock on the door. The police attend at your request, and you give them your spare keys to the property as there is still no response.

Your tenant has passed away in the lounge room and has unfortunately decomposed. You have several problems that you can’t begin to deal with until the following issues have been resolved:

  • The remains must be removed (this is not done by our company).
  • Any furniture or personal items that have been contaminated need to be properly and safely disposes of (please note any items that you think might be of value to friends and family, and write them down so they can be saved).
  • Any damaged furniture or property needs to be disinfected and disposed of.
  • If there is wicking at the property, these areas need to be removed/decontaminated/sealed.
  • An intensive Odour Remediation programme needs to ensure that once empty, the property can be repaired and again leased, as soon as possible.

Property Management Scenario 2:

One of your tenants has been assaulted in his home, and is in hospital. There is blood and other tissue in the property, and some of his furniture has be contaminated. There is blood all over the carpets. Initially you call a domestic cleaning service and carpet cleaning company. They both tell you that the blood borne pathogen risks of them doing a superficial job are not worth it to them, and that you need to contract a biohazard remediation company, or a crime scene cleaner.

Much of the work that we would do in this instance would possibly be covered by the insurance of the tenant (for his possessions) and owner (for damage to the building structure, fittings or chattels). In this instance, ask for insurance documentation to facilitate a more favourable and speedy insurance claim outcome.

Call Forensic Clean 24/7 so that you can carry out your property management tasks quickly and professionally.

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