Unattended Death (or Decomp) is when a person has passed away, and has not been found for a period of time. In certain circumstances, it takes just a relatively short period of time for the decomposition process to occur. In particular, during the Summer, or if heating has been left on. This is a very natural process, and unfortunately, it efficiently leaves some very difficult circumstancesĀ for family, friends and managing authorities.

There are many ways to remember your loved one – it should not be because of the unfortunately detailsĀ surrounding their death.

In this particular situation, it is vital that all source material has been removed and appropriately decontaminated. This often involves the dismantling of furniture and mattresses, and then their safe disposal. Sometimes the room itself has been damaged. In this instance, where possible, affected structures must also be either removed or decontamined and sealed.

The most noticeable and difficult remnant after an unattended death is odour. This can be remediated and eliminated using proper equipment, which should only be operated by trained professionals.

Forensic Clean removes all irretrievable reminders of the decomp process, ensures that the structure of the room has been properly decontaminated, and applies stringent odour remediation techniques.

Often all or part of the services that we provide in these circumstances are covered by various types of insurance. You might consider calling your insurance company or the Property Manager of the deceased. This can offer some relief. Specify that you would like insurance documentation from Forensic Clean. This documentation will help you to settle your insurance claim as quickly and painlessly as possible.

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